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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gay Lead Characters

My friend Suzy:  So your lead characters are gay?
Me:  Well there are four leads.  A gay couple and a hetero couple.
Suzy:  And no one has said anything to you?
Me:  Like hate mail or something?
Suzy:  Yeah.
Me:  No.  I really don't think people care.

And I really don't.  I'm sure there are those who feel strongly one way or another but they've been mercifully quiet on the topic.  I also believe the silence speaks volumes about the audience.  Perhaps it's wishful thinking but I like to think of  O Line's audience as mature, well rounded, well travelled, and educated individuals.  In other words, worldly people who have a life and care more about how we treat our differences than subjugating others to their own tenets.  I don't think there is anything didactic about the gay character's or plot lines so I think it may also breed familiarity for someone who thinks they may not know anyone who is gay.  (Or worse, someone who only sees gay characters on television.)

I made it a point not to put a spot light on the "gay" as well.  I just don't think this is the proper forum for that.  I could write a novel about the trials and tribulations of what being gay means economically, socially, and politically but then it wouldn't be a mystery (or very fun for that matter).

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