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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten pages a day

Let's face it, we read cozy mysteries for an escape.  But who has the time?

That's why I came up with my 10 pages a day reading diet.  (Seriously, I had to or nothing would get read.)  Okay it's embarrassing to admit but sometimes those 10 pages are read on the john.  (Oh where's your humanity, like you've never come screaming into the house, your bladder ready to burst, squatted down and read the mail on the pot!  Pfft, who do you think you're fooling here.)

I read a lot of different things not only my writing genre.  So instead of giving a reading list here's what I don't read:

Chick Lit.  - I don't get it.  Sorry ladies I support you in every other possible way.  I will come to your book signings, I will plus 1 you on google, I will "like" you on facebook, I just can't read another blessed chick lit babysitter - secretary tell all - my boss is a schmo chick lit book.

Historical accounts. - Because they bore me.  Except for Shelby Foote.  I would read cartoons by him.

Science Fiction - With obvious well circulated exceptions.

Religious Genre - I don't get it either.

Self - Help - If I needed to help myself psychologically I would go to a doctor.

Military Genre - Nope, not for me.

Romance - See Military Genre.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing I see wrong with reading or writing any of the aforementioned general subject area's. It's just not specifically not for me.  I have read several books in each category but finally came to the realization that nope, these aren't for me.

But you know who I've recently discovered?  Erma Bombeck.  She's been gone a while so the books are a bit dated however she was clever and witty and that never gets old.

My favorite thing to read?  How to manuals and text books.  (Not books for dummy's or that other one, I don't like those.)  I discovered the Time Life series when I was a kid and got hooked.  For me it was as if there was someone teaching me how to help myself.  I read everything from Apple Growing to Yodeling.  I also have several "essential knowledge" books and text books from classes I never took in college - I just wanted to read the text book.

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