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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free e-copy of Saint Charles Place

Yes, I figured out how to "gift" copies of Saint Charles Place on kindle. So, for anyone willing to write a review on either kindle or amazon I can gift you a copy through kindle.  It's easy.

1st you have to put the book in your wishlist.
2nd email me your amazon name/account info.

Then I gift you a copy from my account. That's it. But it's not really a gift is it?  I mean I'm asking you to log back in afterward and write a quick "how do ya' do" in the review.  Actually I'm giving you a copy to review.

Who started saying "gifting" anyway?  It's a bit annoying.
"I'm gifting my used socks to the Salvation Army."  "I'm gifting toys for tots." We used to say donating.
"I'm gifting you a copy of my book."  Well no, I'm giving out copies for review - that used to be called marketing and/or public relations.
"He gifted a remodeling job."  That was free labor, once.
"Gifting, Language evolution" - pfft.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

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