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Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have SUCH a bone to pick with Mac computer nerdlings.  So I chose apple computers, specifically iweb, because it was (to risk insulting others who find it difficult) "Fischer Price for Website building".  As I was writing, directing, editing, sometimes acting, and producing the podcast, the last thing I needed to worry about was the website and uploading content.  So today I think hmm, I need to market the book, what's the best way to reach O Line's audience?  And my partner says, you should do a podcast - that's how they found you in the first place. Well, shoot, yes - she was right. So we take to recording a quick podcast letting our listeners know about what's upcoming and the books.
(Since beginning the podcast I have updated my computer with a shiny new Mac because I basically burned that last one down to it's last frayed little sprocket with the show, a tv series, a documentary and the daily web-surfing, tv watching and assorted other ne'r do well things I do with my computers.)

So I'm working with a new Mac and I load up the mp3 for the update and boom.  Crap.  New folders, new "arrangements" on the code for the i web.  I can't even write code for the new update and list it on the rss feed because the folders where everything is kept is completely facocked.  (Excuse my urban Yiddish.)  But really Mac?  So I  do some looking on the web, maybe there is something I can download from Mac to link the two codes. Nope.  All I find is some directions on how to replace java script, html, and the active x controls with the <embed> and <object> tags.  The WHOLE POINT of having this thing is so I don't have to worry about tags and coding.  It's supposed to be WYSIWYG website building.  But now it's a useless piece of crap.  Thank's Mac. Thanks for G*d *amned nothing!  Because now, when I go to Season 3 for the O Line.  I have to start all the hell over.   That's a lot, A LOT, of work. Which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Great workhorse computers, lazyass programs.

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