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Monday, September 12, 2011

I know Moscow Rules!

Where do I begin with this? Okay here goes –

If you’ve listened to the second season of The O Line Mystery Podcast or even just read the prologue in Saint Charles Place then I’m not giving anything away here.  Just how I came up with the plot lines however are a mix of the remembrance of the enjoyment I got from books like Harriet, the spy, Encyclopedia Brown, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, etc. which then morphed (or perhaps matured) into the second season plotlines.  Which reflected my spy novel phases.  The second season was much more John le Carre,  Alfred Hitchcock (The man who knew too much, North by Northwest), etc.  But the plotlines themselves really are just a wild imagination souped up with caffeine and chocolate at 3 am as I struggled to finish scripts for self-imposed deadlines while still editing the last weeks podcast.   The closest I’ve come to international “incidents” is as a bystander.  (Or truth be told you may call me a run-like-my-ass-is-on-fire-er.) 

Okay, there’s that. Then there’s this --

I have on the O Line Mysteries website what is called Site Analytics.  Basically it just tells me how many people have downloaded a show, where the “hit” came from, and it has cool things that shows where in the world people were listening (Hallo Germany, The Netherlands, France, Ireland, UK! Wass up!), etc.  I’m sure it could tell me the color of the computer monitors too but I don’t give a rat’s axx about such things.  But here’s what was strange.  I started noticing a lot of .gov addresses in the analytics.  Every week before I’d load up the next show I looked at the site analytics from the week before.  And there was a certain growing concentration of where on the maps the “hits” came from.  So, at the time I thought nothing of it.  I kinda thought maybe they were redirects and some of the downloads were coming from people in the military who – I didn’t know – liked mysteries or just wanted to be told a fun story while patrolling or something.  Maybe the .gov and others were using their computers to download podcasts. Whatever, I didn’t think much about it.

THEN I started reading “Top Secret America” by Priest and Arkin. Holy Crap. NOW I know why I was getting so many hits from these addresses and the “certain area’s” in the second season.  I don’t want to give anything or take anything away from their book but I will say this – just in case they’re still tracking the podcasts:  The O Line is fiction.  I made it all up. And I have two cats.  One is huge and the little one is crazy, CRAZY! – there’s no telling what he’ll do.  He’s like a ninja kitty – he’ll take your eye out and show it to you. 

I don’t know what to make of it.  It’s late and maybe my imagination is running away with it all.  Maybe I shouldn’t read books like this.  I was going to blog about the second book that I’m now outlining the scenes.  But how can I – now that I know I’m being watched.  or at least they were listening.  gulp.

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