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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coming up for air

Hello World!  I’ve been working on The Disaster Relief Club, Book 2 of the O Line Mysteries, and have finally found a break in the schedule to come out of seclusion.
I do a check on the headlines, “Is Prince Charles related to Vlad the Impaler?"  ooo I don't know, is he? "Kelly Clarkson reveals why people think she’s a lesbian.” Enquiring minds want to know Kelly, please tell us!  Good to see nothings changed in the headlines.  Looks like a kid protesting with the 99 percent in the Oakland Occupy got the beans whacked out of him.  It was just a matter of time for before something most unfortunate happened with the protests.  I really hope that kid comes out the other side sound and healthy.  Oh and look the world shrugs as another torturing dictator meets his end.

Time marches on. 

The lawn needs mowed, there’s mold in the shower, no food in the fridge, bills need paying, washing to be done, wardrobes changed over to from summer to fall and winter, garden needs tending, house needs a good once over.  Flu shots to be injected.  Holy macaroni it’s only two months until Christmas!

On second thought maybe I should rewrite the last two chapters…

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