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Friday, November 11, 2011

Discipline and Self-Publishing

Have you seen my pen?  I left it right here on this notebook.  I really need it to get started on this editing.  No, I didn’t take it into the bathroom.  It’s the silver pen with the blue ink.  I need that blue ink pen to do the editing with – because it has the blue ink.  No I don’t want the black one it writes like a magic marker and I can’t see what I wrote.  No I can’t use the black ink, the blue is for editing!  It was right here.  Let’s see, I got up and went to use the bathroom.  I went into the kitchen and made some coffee, back through the dining room and looked through the mail, thought of a funny joke and called mom.  Gave the cats a snack and opened the back door so they could go out.  Swept the leaves off the patio and decided to take out the recycling.  I really should learn to do my editing on the computer but the car looked filthy so I washed the car.  As I vacuumed the interior I realized it needed some gas so I went up the station and filled it up – oh that’s where it is I bet, I’ll call and see if I left it there.
            “Hi, I came in a little while ago and filled up the car.  I wonder if I left my silver pen with blue ink there.  Hello?”
            Maybe it’s in the car, no because I cleaned it out.  Oh that's right, the phone had rung and I talked to the Bike Repairman, what was his name?  I always want to call him Jeff.  He looks like a Jeff, nice man.  Really likes bicycles.  Jeff the bike-guy.  I think that’s how they came up with last names at some point in evolution.  He’d be Jeff Bikeman.  Depending on what part of the world his people come from, in Germany he’d be Fahrrad reparatur so he’d be Fahrradreparatur unless they were from Bavaria, cause that’s a whole other language if you ask me.  Very disciplined culture throughout the country the German’s have.  I admire that.  Is it culturally insensitive to say that I wonder?  I don’t think so, I mean you can’t exactly say that all German people have self discipline because it’s not true.  But, in general, I think it’s safe to say one admires a cultural trait.  I also like Spanish dance, like the salsa, tango and that’s not culturally insensitive. 
What was I doing?  Oh yes, I want to write a blog about discipline when you self-publish.  Time is essential and keeping to a schedule now I should really learn to outline these ideas on my keyboard but, now, where is my blog pen.  I need that other outline pen too… the one that writes really smooth…

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