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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writer's assistants.

I have two cats with me while I work, four little eyes watching my every move. Sometimes, they take turns. One will go take a nap while the other stands guard. What exactly they are waiting for or watching completely escapes my understanding.

Cat 1: She’s been sitting there for four hours. Tapping her fingers in the same places.
Cat 2: I know, the rhythm is intoxicating then she stops. I think the stopping is very jolting.
Cat 1: Have you noticed her exhibiting any unnatural behaviors?
Cat 2: Other than this? ‘Cause this can’t be natural.
Cat 1: I think she needs an intervention. I’m going in.
Cat 2: Be careful.

The printer starts printing. Both cats jump.

Cat 1: Oh! Here we go! Get back I got this one!
Cat 2: No it’s my turn! I’m taking the top!
Cat 1: Make it stop! Stick your paw in it!

“Boys! Stop or you’re both getting put out.”

Cat 2: I can’t reach it from here! It’s going too fast!
Cat 1: It’s spitting paper at us!

“Bou, get down! That’s it you’re both out.”

The door shuts.

Cat 1: I liked it so much better before she had an office.
Cat 2: I know. Those were the good old days.
Cat 1: Now what?
Cat 2: Just sit by the door I guess, what are you doing?
Cat 1: Sometimes, if I reach under the door far enough, it pops open.
Cat 2: Oh, let me help.

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