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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cops, amateur sleuths find relatives of mysterious twins

Cops, amateur sleuths find relatives of mysterious twins

The link above relates a story of two elderly twins who cut themselves off from the world and eventually died.  The police needed to contact next of kin but had no where to start because they were basically reclusive and only left each other as "next of kin."
I love this story.  It is a sad demise of two elderly twin sisters, which should undoubtably not be overlooked or brushed aside - that's not what I like so much about it. BUT reading a bit further you find out that it was everyday people who jumped in and helped out.
The implications of this astound me.  The first one being that there is a police department out there that cared enough to reach out for help.  There are many of them as a matter of fact, yet many who still do not. (But that's another conversation.)  The second only confirms what a bunch of rubber-neckers we all are! And thirdly, thank Goodness we are.  Good for you amateur sleuths, well done!

Solving mysteries is often compared to putting together puzzles.  It's a lot of logical sequencing and so on but one thing that always bothers me as a mystery/comedy writer is using murder and death in that puzzle.  In real life it's such a touchy and difficult subject filled with religious, cultural, and emotional belief systems.  It's just so easy, as a writer, to gloss over the grieving people attached to a victim.  But the truth is most people are loved and missed deeply.  Lives are affected in waves of loss.  That's what is so interesting to me about this story.

These two elderly women shunned society together.  It seems they voluntarily shut themselves off from the world.  Of course the Mystery of the Mysterious Twins was solved by strangers.  There was no one else.  But why?  Why would these two, entertainers no less, go to such lengths to not have anyone, not one soul be in contact with them.  That, to me, is where the mystery lies.

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