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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Left Coast Crime Convention

"Saylor here, I'll be blogging LIVE from the Left Coast Crime Convention. Oh Wait, the Sheraton in Sacramento doesn't have WIFI? WTF? Oh but the Starbucks across the street does? Free you say? VIVA LE STARBUCKS! Everyone to the Starbucks, all together - no pushing, we'll go in shifts." I mean really. Shame on you Sheraton. I get you wouldn't want non-paying passersby snoggin' off your terabytes but you are a CONVENTION CENTER. You make millions of dollars every year off of conventions. Do you really think people want to pay $2.50 for coffee? No, but they get free WIFI with it. So yes, I'll pay 2.50 for a cup of joe across the street and check my emails, instead of paying for coffee in your cafe.

So yesterday was the registration for the convention. I've been writing like a demon trying to get the 1st draft of The Rot is Deep, book 3 finished. I wanted to get it finished before this shmoozfest - mutual admiration society started. (That's not a dig, I'm genuinely excited to meet these folks.) My partner gets home and starts rooting through my convention papers and says: You know the registration is tonight.
Me: No, tomorrow night.
Her: No, right now.
Me: No, honey. It's tomorrow night.
Her: What day is the trash pick-up?
ME: -- Blank stare.-- CLOSE UP: on the paper she's looking at. CLOSE UP: on the clock. CLOSE UP: on my feet shuffling quickly through the house. Voice over: SSSSHHHHHHIIIIITTTTTTTTT!

At any rate we made it, barely. And now I'm very excited about the whole affair.
Here's a picture of my swag bag:

Now, I have to go or I'll be late...again. I'll blog again as soon as I get to Starbucks!

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