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Friday, March 30, 2012

So here we are at The Killer Thriller Panel. Oo oo what are we going to talk about?  I mean what kind of panel is this going to be?  It's being moderated by Robin Burcell, who is a trained FBI forensic artist, hostage negotiator, cop, detective, all the goodies.
First up we are introduced to William Kent Krueger who (wait for it!) is talking about Hemingway's underwear...or lack of. (What?)  Apparently, he read Papa at age 18 or 19 and then something about underwear and we confirmed everyone was wearing some.  John Lescroart warned against taking children away from parents. Thomas Perry spoke about his main characters - oh P-AH-LEASE soooo that's pedestrian! and learning to write for female protagonists. - I mean c'mon! Show us your panties!!!! Oh and James Rollins, who's a big brainy handsome geek? He wants to put lasers on cats.

Bottom line here, (Double points for dual pun.) is these guys are not a bunch of scary police/security hyped paranoids - like one might think.  Nope, they were a humble and gracious and fun.

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