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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LCC 2012 Afternoon Panels

The panels on the 1st Saturday afternoon set of panels included:  Forensics, Private Eyes, and 20th Century Mysteries.  But I chose the Action! which was described as authors improvising from their own books.  I took that literally and couldn't understand how would one improvise their book? I mean, don't you already know what you've written?  BUT it turned out to be more of a pantomime, with a person reading from their works and the other authors acting it out.
Now then, I am not a ready laughter.  I'm generally more interested in how people have crafted their performance, the beats they take to set a story up, the body language, and I'm often worried for the performer.  Also, I'm not naive, these authors are here at the fan-o-rama to sell books, to meet their audience too, but don't kid yourself, they're here to sell books. All that to say this:  I have never laughed so hard at a panel or comedy performance as I did watching Harley play dead, a pant-less Parnell, Clive's fake phone conversation,  Bill as a "blind" date, Donna giving birth or whatever that was, and Robin confused as to which character she was - running back and forth across the stage - in every reading, she just kept getting so involved in the reading.
I'm still chuckling about this whole 'thing' that happened.  You know, you'd think there would be some ego, or self-awareness or at least some self-preservation involved with these 'well known' authors. But no, that's not what happened.  They all bought into what they were doing, which was to entertain us - lock, stock and six smoking barrels.  It was one of those things I wish I had video taped.  Lee Goldberg sat across the aisle from me and I heard him catch his breath and mutter:  Man, am I glad I sat this one out. His tone did not indicate he thought, because they were a bunch of asses up there, he meant because he wouldn't have wanted to miss watching it.
This whole thing could not have been planned, I don't think anyone could have guessed how unbelievably funny it would turn out to be.  Needless to say it went over the 45 minute time allotment.  But no one cared. Whoever the person running the panel was, they were smart to let this one keep going. I left with a sore face and somewhat nauseous stomach. My hats off to this gang of six.  Comedy is the hardest thing in the world to pull off.  A lot of the authors involved here use a lot of humor in their books and you can't 'write' a sense of humor, you just have to have it inside your brain.  The next time I want a comedy/mystery you better believe I am going to find a Harley Jane Kozak, Clive Rosengren, Parnell Hall, Bill Fitzhugh,  or a Donna Andrews first.  I think Robin was an odd person out in the comedy writing realm here but don't think for a minute I'm not going to find one of her books, because she gained my trust.
Here's a couple of snaps I took between gasping for breath.

So I missed the second set of panels.  Partly because of the absolute exhaustion I felt after watching the above.  The Panels included A Game show, Sex in mysteries, A talk about location, and more paranormal mysteries. Not that I was uninterested, especially in the game show panel, but I needed to get home and rest and change before the banquet.  Which p.s. involves Al - my breakfast buddy and talk of a revolution.
But first, at the lunch break I met Rochelle Staab.  She writes the Mind for Murder Mystery Series, the first of which Who do, Voodoo?  is out now.  Bruja Brouhaha will be out in August of this year.  I don't like to shill in this blog and I'm not a reviewer but since I completely busted through that boundary with the above paragraph's I'm adding one more.  I haven't read Who do, Voodoo but I've added it to my list because when someone says something off the cuff funny I take notice. We were sitting around chit chatting about what attracts people to others or something like that and Rochelle says off-handed, "Yeah, I don't know what it is people see in one another, why they fall in love, it's always some (insert eyeroll) tragic reason."   It was such a smart and funny summation of the conversation, so yeah, I'm going to follow this one closely as well.

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