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Monday, April 2, 2012

LCC Saturday Morning Panels

I opted for the YouTubing of Film panel.  No, it doesn't have a lot to do with writing or reading mysteries but it did have a lot to say about how we receive, access, and digest entertainment. I thought this panel could have been called: Is it democratization or the Big Dogs vs. The Dog and Pony Shows?  And who better to lead this panel but Lee Goldberg who has written in for the page and screen.  Spoiler alert:  Nothing was decided upon in this panel.  Either we're going to hell in a hand basket or it's a new and exciting world which must be navigated...kind of like when the printing press was invented and the radio was invented, the nickelodeon was invented (not the network, the film shows) and when television was invented...
Left to Right:  Stephen Buehler, Charles Rosenberg, Travis Richardson, Chantelle A. Osman, and Lee Goldberg.

Then on to the third panel of the day, criminal minds.  The panel was led by L.J. Sellers.
Left to Right:  L.J., William Kent Krudger, John Lescroart, Denise Hamilton, and Rick Reed.

It seems that there is always one panel of the day that really stands out in your mind and at the time, I thought it would be this one.  The writers on this panel were SUCH good story tellers, whether it is on the page or in person and improvising an answer to one of L.J.'s questions.  For the entire 45 minutes, you could hear a pin drop in that room.  Rick Reed quite literally had us sitting on the edge of our seats talking about his experiences as a policeman.  Honestly, he even flummoxed the other panelists. William Kent Krueger spoke about having compassion for the bad guy in his stories and asking questions of the characters back stories, i.e. Why is he a bad guy? Denise Hamilton talked about her experiences as a reporter and not being able to print stories, even though they were known to be true, due to liability issues and the newspaper.  Finally John Lescroart broke up the tension by saying, "I think I have experience envy."  Giving us all a much needed stress reliever. Well spotted.

I have to say, there were a 11 panels to chose from in the morning schedule, as you can see I chose three of the panels that most interested me.  There were also panels involving lawyers writing mysteries, supernatural mysteries, children and young adult...the list goes on.  

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