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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nina's on board

Remember Nina?  She played Annie (and voiced several other characters) on the O Line Podcast.  So I gets a call from her, "Why aren't I reading the O Line for the audiobooks?"
"Because," I begins to explain before she so rudely interrupts me.
"And another thing I need help with my computer, so you need to get over here and fix it, NOW!"
That's the thing about audio recording it never actually transports the true nature of a character. You'd think that the voice that played Annie would be perpetually kind and generous of nature.  You might even say she was "pathologically nice".  But I go over to her home and she ties me to a chair in front of her jacked up computer and says "WRITE something NICE for me to say!" 
Then she withholds coffee from me. "Please Nina, I can't write without a sip of the dark elixir, it fuels my fingers to type."
So she makes a pot of coffee and says, "Can you smell that? I bet it smells good to you, wouldn't you like to have a cup? WRITE!"
Finally after three hours I'm able to escape from her torture chamber/kitchen table.  But as I escape she comes out after me with her hounds of hell. Luckily those hell hounds still had their leashes attached.  The leashes get caught up around her legs and she does a face plant in her outside flower bed.

None of this is true of course. Except the part about Nina doing a face plant in the flower bed because of the dog leashes.  But what is true and exciting is Nina has agreed to read the O Line Series for audiobooks. And I, personally, could not be more pleased if Meryl Streep called me and said, "Oh Saylor, I would be honored if you'd let me read The O Line Mysteries for Audiobooks."
Because then I'd say, "Oh Meryl, you'd be wonderful but there really is only one voice for the O Line, and it's not you. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go stick my head in the oven."

So, fire up the digital audio interface!  We are mic ready! as soon as Nina's face heals...

Get well soon Annie.

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