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Friday, December 28, 2012

Steve, the Christmas Stranger

I guess it was about a week and a half before Christmas our older cat, Boudreaux, started acting strange around our back shed.  He would go in for a while, come out, look around, and start sniffing around the back yard. Then the younger little one Margeaux Martine (Mimi) began the same routine. When they came inside they'd sit at the back window for hours staring out into the back yard. They were looking for something. I started to worry we had a possum or worse a raccoon coming around.

Finally one day I saw this guy on the back fence. Once I finally got a good look at him I noticed he was still a kitten. Probably about 5 months, till in tact, but not spraying yet. I thought perhaps a neighbor had lost him, so I put up signs around the neighborhood. The next day the signs were gone, I put up new ones, and those disappeared in the night. I have to assume his people didn't want to be found. And you see this is why I generally don't mix with the human breeds.

Since I never saw him around the backyard after nightfall I still held out hope he only came around during the day. But just in case, I put a warm bed out in the shed and periodically put some food out there for him. Then the rains came, torrential, sideways, cold, and interminable rain. I checked the local bulletin boards, the local online postings. But found nothing. Now it's two days before Christmas and I'm not about to dump him at a shelter. Not that there's anything at all wrong with shelters but we don't "rescue" our pets from paradises. And I don't like the feeling I get that I'm passing along a burden , like there is something wrong with him.

Needless to say he ended up here in the laundry room, away from the cold rain and our two spoiled creatures. Let the caterwauling begin! Boudreaux stood sentinel staring at the closed door while Mimi threw her head up and paced back and forth singing 'the lonesome ballad of the orphan kittens'. During the day "Steve" (he looks like a Steve), was happy to sit on the back porch and watch the rainfall down until it was night and he'd march himself, with his head bowed in respect to the residents, into the laundry room.

I don't understand why someone would dump him on the side of the road. We've had him around our cats now and frankly I wish some of his good manners would rub off on them.  He's playful, alert, tidy, and loving.  Now here's the crux of the situation, we can't keep him. We talked about it, and for good reasons it would simply be unfair to take him on at this point. But I can foster him for a while as I search for a good home.  Because, Steve the Christmas Stranger who has been living in our shed, deserves a warm place that can appreciate him.

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